"Embrace your darkness"

Brazen Forgery is a Finnish melodic dark metal project with elements of symphonic, doom, gothic, death, and black metal. 

'Piilopirtti' - Single, Jul 19, 2024

'Kuollut Maa' - Single, Jun 14, 2024
'The Antimatter' - Single, Nov 10, 2023
'Brazen Forgery' - Album, Jan 20, 2023

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'Piilopirtti' is the second single from the upcoming EP set to release in the fall. It tells the story of a challenging life on the Karelian borderlands in the 17th century. Many of the people of that time had a hideout in the woodands in addition to their home, where they fled from the enemy's destruction. Many had to leave their burning homes and dead loved ones behind and start everything from nothing. Just as before, and just as in later times. 
Piilopirtti is out on Jul 19th and you can now Pre-Save it on Spotify.

Kuollut Maa

Brazen Forgery offers a first taste from their upcoming EP set to release in the fall. The song is titled 'Kuollut Maa', and it tells, in Finnish, about the feelings and experiences that many, like myself, with Finnish Karelian roots, have heard from previous generations after they permanently lost their land, homes, and basically all they had, during the last war. The Moscow Armistice, which ended the war, officially sanctioned the territorial cessions on September 19, 1944.


Brazen Forgery is a symphonic dark metal project based in Turku, Finland, offering a unique perspective on metal by blending elements of doom, death, gothic, and black metal, along with classical and film music. 

The Antimatter

Brazen Forgery's single "The Antimatter" was released on Nov 10th 2023. The song is a straight forward dark metal anthem with grand horns.

Brazen Forgery

The eponymous debut album of Brazen Forgery was released in its entirety on January 20, 2023, without major advance warnings or earlier single releases from the album versions.

Reviews / interviews

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"Today, we're excited to sit down with the anonymous multi-instrumentalist behind Brazen Forgery"

"Everything in and around the 7 tracks comes across as purposeful interjections with nary an ounce of filler to be found"

"Enough subtleties and nuances that would hold it up against pretty much anything out today"

"Let this review be a note to everyone reading, this artist is going to seriously impress you, a must own, an album to last for months to come!"

"Joskus on mukava nauttia hyvästä ja toimivasta musiikista ja tarttuvista melodioista, joita muuten albumilla on joka ainoassa biisissä"

"The Antimatter ei ole ehkä ihan niin mahtipontinen, kuin jotkut aiemman tuotannon kappaleet ja kevyemmät musiikilliset vaikutteet on laitettu tällä kertaa taustalle"

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